Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Sewickley Exterior Painting

This was a fantastic exterior painting project that really had us on our game!

When we first looked at the house, Meli Plastering was renovating the stucco, some foundation work and associated trim.

Our job was to paint everything that wasn't stucco!

We started in earnest on one of the higher points.

This new breezeway porch roof would need primed and double coated with Sherwin Williams Emerald line.

Around back is a superb second floor porch....

and many unique architectural accents.

Our crew was hard at work with ladders and....

scaffolding everywhere.

We eventually worked our way back to the front of the house

and to this amazing front porch.

Not to slight the side porch.

And the rear of the house leading to it.

We can't say enough about this excellent dwelling!