Thursday, April 4, 2013

Plaster Repair, Painting and Bookcases Oh My!!

Had an opportunity to work in a beautiful older home doing some plaster repair, painting a room and also painting a couple bookcases. This is the finished deal, now take a look at how we got there.

There were several spots in the room that had cracks and damage.

A big part of the prep work was removing all the peeling paint from the previous coating.

Another issue was the crown moulding....

and window area. For a house that is almost 100 years old this wasn't too bad.

So fix it up with joint compound, match the texture, sand away the rough spots  and here you have it.

Used Benjamin Moore Select paint for this job and boy did I love it. The color was 925 Ivory and it really has a wonderful warmth. When the sun hits the Semi-Gloss finish it has an incredible luminous quality. Will highly recommend this one!

Caulking the crown moulding will help keep cracking down in the future too. Sorry for the smudge on the lens!

And lastly the window framing was all better. Best of all, we'll get to go back and do more! Happy customers are our best advertising!