Monday, January 28, 2019

Interior Painting in South Park

We once again had the opportunity to do some interior painting, this time in the South Park area. There was plenty of new trim and lots of unwanted wallpaper! This what it looked like finishing up.

Here's where we started...

with many angles...

and all the windows had new trim to be primed and painted.

We began with a quality primer from Sherwin Williams,

and 2 steamers on the wallpaper! After the paper was removed we skim coated the walls to remove any defects, patched holes, caulked any gaps and then primed the entire kitchen.

Next came a bright white for the ceilings.

and the walls were rolled with Sherwin Williams Emerald paint in "Natural Linen"

Here's a finished window and wall.

Finished trim and doors here too!

Every job has it's own unique challenges and this one was no exception. It's the process of adapting and overcoming all the challenges we encounter that makes the job rewarding!


Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Upper St. Clair Spacious Interior Painting

Spacious Interior Painting
Here's a spacious beauty we finished painting this past summer!!

Spacious Interior Painting
Sherwin Williams Duration was successful once again and the neutral color palette worked well in this well lit spacious interior.

Spacious Interior Painting
Another modern open floor plan leads from the two story entry into the two story living room...

Spacious Interior Kitchen Painting
and into the gorgeous kitchen area.

Spacious Interior Kitchen Painting
Spacious Interior Kitchen Painting
Spacious Interior Dining Room Painting
Off the main space is the formal dining room.
Spacious Interior Dining Room Painting

Spacious Interior Painting
The music room is across the foyer from the dining room.

Spacious Interior Painting

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Sewickley Exterior Painting

This was a fantastic exterior painting project that really had us on our game!

When we first looked at the house, Meli Plastering was renovating the stucco, some foundation work and associated trim.

Our job was to paint everything that wasn't stucco!

We started in earnest on one of the higher points.

This new breezeway porch roof would need primed and double coated with Sherwin Williams Emerald line.

Around back is a superb second floor porch....

and many unique architectural accents.

Our crew was hard at work with ladders and....

scaffolding everywhere.

We eventually worked our way back to the front of the house

and to this amazing front porch.

Not to slight the side porch.

And the rear of the house leading to it.

We can't say enough about this excellent dwelling!



Sunday, June 17, 2018

Old Ceiling Rennovation with Tile Replacement

Oddball post on a ceiling we installed for some very nice folks! Using Armstrong Ceiling 12-in x 12-in surface-mount acoustic ceiling tile we replaced an old tile which had fallen down. a slight deviation from painting but not to far of a stretch for us.

Here was the original surface with card board shims in the low spots.

Planning is very important and we'd recommend reading the manufacturers instructions on these projects. We used wood furring strips and plenty of shims.

Once everything is laid out and the tiles get going, it moves pretty fast.

and before you know it, you have a ceiling!!


Friday, February 23, 2018

Nevillewood Interior Niceties

Another past project that never made it onto the Blog was this beautiful space in Nevillewood.

The original trim had been given a very poor "distressed" look. Well at least we hoped they tried to do this!

With the green walls, the new owner was feeling pretty ill.

We started with a good preparatory sanding and cleaning then off to the prime coat.

The top coat applied was Sherwin Williams Pro Classic

Next we began to eliminate the green that was so despised by the homeowner. Fortunately she could see past the color to the space instead.

more gone....

and completed.

Great sitting area on the balcony.

Believe it or not, this angled part of the ceiling was painted green too!

Here is the Den which was a putrid pink!!

Much better now, you can enjoy the fantastic woodwork instead of being drawn into the awful color.

The dining room was black, so this wonderful light yellow was quite the contrast.

Thanks to Sherwin Williams ProBlock for covering those walls!

And yes, the green is out of the halls too!!