Sunday, April 12, 2015

Kitchen Renovate and Revamp

Here we have another wonderful kitchen revamp project we did for Barb out in Bethel Park. Not only was the job satisfying, the time there was a great deal of fun!

We started with a kitchen in need of updating and a budget that prevented new cabinets.

So we planned on unifying the color palette, resurfacing the existing cabinets and texturizing the walls. An addition of some wainscoting was added too.

There were 3 different colors on the walls including the green here in the front window. The tile was also a mismatch with other parts of the kitchen, it was installed improperly and it was going to be another item to get removed. Framing around the doorways and front window area would all be removed too. The overall theme was to simplify.

Gotta love those handles on the fake woodgrain!

We started with removing the tile on the left side of the kitchen which didn't go to bad.

On the other side we found wallboard installed with the tile wasn't supported on the edges, and when we tried to remove the tile the wallboard just broke apart.

The corners under the cabinet were also left with no support. There was pieces of foamcore used to shim the board against the cabinets. Not really a good thing.

We removed the wall behind the sink area and added 2x4 supports to support new drywall. Once in place we textured the walls with a soft stucco finish.
Here is the new wall with our texture.

Next we scrubbed and degreased the cabinets and primed them for painting.

The doors were all removed and painted out of the kitchen. Base cabinets and drawers remained in the kitchen.

Next the walls were painted with a lovely soft yellow.

Traditional pieced Wanescoting was added in the alcove and on the right side of the kitchen. The cabinets and wainscoting were painted with a warm white.

Then a grand piece built by the homeowners great grandfather was replaced in its spot to be properly accented.

Here is the wainscoating on the right side of the finished cabinets. New hardware and hinges were also installed.

And is the final product.

Warmed and simplified!

No more tile, broken spaces and multiple colors.

A great shot of the texture and wanescoting and satisfaction of a job well done.