Monday, February 29, 2016

House Painting in Venetia - Part Two

Alrighty, after a busy fall and winter, finally onto the interior house painting to go along with the exterior we posted so many moons ago. Kitchens usually have many nooks and crannies to cut and there is always the spaces behind the stove and refrigerator. We get them all.

The Maiden Hair Yellow used in the kitchen blended beautifully into the darker yellow in the family room.

The dining room, just off the kitchen, was also Maiden Hair on three of the walls.

The front wall seen on the right here continued from the dining room, through the entry and into the living room. This was accented with atrium white.

This color was also used in the front hall , up the stairway and upper hallway for continuity.

The living room and two of the bedrooms were given an accent color of Skipping Stone. It flowed with the other colors in our palette.

Bedrooms and bath were finished off with Maiden Hair yellow.
And last but not least, the powder room off our Atrium White foyer was pained with the Skipping Stone and a new light fixture replaced the out dated one. A swell finish to this paint job.

Next, the flooring!