Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Practical Painting - Interior Design!

Had a couple opportunities recently to help a few folks out with some more conventional "art" in the form of interior painting. It's a refreshing past-time from the computer and I get to use larger brushes from 28mm miniatures like the Anglo-Saxon Viking warriors we finished for Battleground Hobbies.
Got to help with a railing and entryway at one house and three rooms in the second. Here's what was accomplished.

The three story entryway needed a good painting with trim work too and the added bonus of needing to stain and polyurethane the 5 sections of handrail.

Oh and the beautiful snow globe needed replaced!

Here's the final project...

New lighting too! Snow globe was retired!!

The second project was interior paint work on a dining room bedroom and game-room. This is the dining area before...

And these are the after..


lots of brush work.

Nice bright color in a bright area!

Bedroom was painted seal-gray which actually turned out nice.

Lastly was the game-room. Painted an intriguing navy blue. It worked in the room. Two happy customers and one happy painter!