Saturday, August 20, 2011

Magneto Ignitions are Electrifying!!

What do you get when you take a beautiful stock 1957 Buick Caballero wagon and let Hollywood do a distress job on it? You get one awesome hot rod. Granted the owner spared no expense on this exquisite machine but the the logo design and lettering finish it off!

Here's a great detail shot of the Magneto Ignition and Syd and Addie designs

As we've said before, these are new paint jobs, not 50-60 year old lettering. Hollywood's perfection of the distressed lettering keeps him on the front lines and in high demand. We wouldn't be surprised to hear from the Discovery Channel wanting to start a new hit show!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Ladybug

Well here at Hendersonworks we love a great photo. Like all Henderson's its in our blood. You can't take a bite at a family function without somebody snapping a picture of you with your mouth full. The eye's are always on the lookout for a photo opportunity. Recently we added a couple photography sections to our site. You can see location photos and some nice creative images too.

At the time the portfolio sections went up I was missing an image I really wanted to add. Rachael Henderson took a beautiful photo on her Canon camera with phenomenal depth of field. She made several adjustments to the colors in Adobe Photoshop and created a beautiful image. During a semester at the college she was attending she submitted it to their creative and literary magazine, The Chimes. The Staff loved the image so much it was used as the cover for the Spring 2011 issue.

Well you probably would like to see it so without further fanfare of one of our rising stars.....

Other photo opportunities opened this past week on a camping trip to Curwensville Lake in north western Pennsylvania. We travelled a short distance to a site called Bilger's Rock which turned out to be quite an awesome place. Unfortunately Rachael was unable to be there so I had to make do with taking the photos myself. 

We hope you enjoy them as much as us.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tribal Jesus?

A friend asked for a shirt design with a "Tribal" Jesus. He mentioned if it came out nice he'd get it tattooed on his calf. Well I'm typically not one for tattoo art but my son was pretty jazzed about it and I'm not one to turn down work, so we got to it with pads in hand. 
A couple roughs later I wound up with something I liked and so I quickly inked it. 

Did a quick scan, placed it into Photoshop, cleaned things up with the pen tool and alakazam, there it was. It always feels good to be creating artwork. 

Here's the final draft and if he decides to get a tattoo I'll have to post a picture of it.