Monday, June 30, 2014

HendersonWorks Paper Flower Factory

We don't just paint, remodel, restore and do custom automotive graphics.  Here we'll give a brief glimpse of the "HendersonWorks Paper Flower Factory".

Well the Henderson's recently added a Son-in-Law and there were plenty of things happening beforehand. One that received rave reviews was the bouquets of paper flowers.

The three Henderson ladies got together on a weekly basis to create many wonderful things for the wedding. The flowers were an undertaking of determination and love.

Let's gain a little insight into this endeavor....

The "Rose" started with three petal patterns cut from coffee filters and wound individually with floral wire and tape.

Rachael then did the dipping into the pink paint

and blew them dry.

Here Shari is painstakingly separating the petals and curling them.

Sarah took the rose and applied additional coloring to the edges.
It was a slightly darker pink to give a "real" feel to each petal.

And after dry time they had a beautiful rose!


Monday, June 2, 2014

Window Framing in an Old House

Getting a few things done and one of them is woodwork! The challenge here is to match all the existing woodwork in the house. Here we have lots of old dark wood and we'll need our new boards to match. Which is old and which is new?

Give up?

On this one, the framing around the stained glass is the " new" wood. the inner window frame and stairs are the old.

Here's the window upstairs on the landing with the wood framing ready to go.

We started with some nice pine boards which were selected for the grain. We applied a liberal coating of Minwax Red Mahogany stain. Then once dry brushed on a heavy coat of Minwax Fast Drying Polyurethane.

Here's the starting point

The sill was actually a board from in the house which was thicker than the 1x4 boards used around the windows.

Once he was nailed in place the sides slid in without a hitch.

Finally the lower support.

The upper frame was still good on this window so that one is the old wood.

I think all in all the color and finish match rather nicely