Friday, July 26, 2013

Window Repair and Painting Project in Hickory PA

Here we go again. Another swell project completed! This one was a real challenge.

We had a request to help repair and paint some windows on this picturesque home in Hickory PA. Little did we realize what we were in for on.

Here's what we found.

And it only got worst.

Best part, manufacturer wouldn't stand by their product and left the homeowner high and dry, or in this case, wet.

The job was to patch up the holes and paint. It was once said "The best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray" and that certainly was the case here.

The further we went the more rot and wet wood we found.

Cutting began in order to remove the rotten wood.

And even more!

So then it was time to cut some lumber to replace the missing pieces.

Very much like a large jigsaw puzzle.

Then the patching and filling took place.

Fun? Well at some point it was but I can't quite remember exactly which part.

Maybe it was the painting stage.

Yep, painting part was fun!

These are the same windows you saw above, all 26 of them.

Pretty distraction

OK, here's the window and another completed project from Hendersonworks.


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