Monday, October 29, 2012

Painting Projects on the New and the Old

Here's a few projects we recently finished. Just to show it doesn't matter if you have a nice new townhouse or...

a 125 year old historically significant dwelling. Hendersonworks can handle any project.

The first house here was a living and dining area. The living room had minor cracking in the plaster and a wonderful accent wall with the fireplace.

The dining area was separated from the living area by an archway. It had substantial issues with the ceiling...

... including a large crack across the room and paint peeling.

The walls and ceiling were prepped, sanded and a nice cream Behr Satin paint was applied to the walls and Behr Flat to the ceiling.

A very nice deep red was used to accent above the fireplace.

The dining are took a lot of additional prep but came out nice in the end.

The Dining area had an accent wall also, sporting built in wooden doors with glass panes. As you can see, this wall was also painted with the red accent color.

Overall the project was a success and the homeowners were very pleased.

The second project was a new house in Cranberry. The one year waiting period was over, inspection finished and read to paint.

We started with the living area and bathroom. Here is the left side of the living area..

center with fireplace and color swatches..

and right side ends at the kitchen.

The bathroom is one on the main floor for guests to use when visiting. Once again you can see the color test swatch on the wall.

The walls were painted a beautiful slate gray..

Which worked well with the fireplace stones....

and the tile on the adjoining kitchen wall.

The bathroom took on a warm feel with the mocha paint the homeowner decided on.

If we get back for some shots with furniture and paintings back in place we'll update this post.