Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Warhammer - The Battering Ram

Back in January of this fine year I posted "Storm the Castle" which was building a siege tower for the table top miniature game of Warhammer. Well to back it up we need some extra muscle to bash in a few gates or castle doors. Nothing like a good battering ram to do the job.

I had picked up a spare GamesWorkshop hound head from who knows where. I think an off shoot post apocalyptic game with mutants. Anyway it looked mean enough to take on some heavily barred doors! A 4"dowel was the base, and after three holes were drilled down the side toothpicks were inserted, clipped and glued in place.

A quick wash of black liquid acrylic gave it a good base coat.

The steel head was then coated with metallic gunmetal gray and dry brushed with metallic aluminium.

The collar was detailed with Pure Bronze for a nice warm contrast to the head.

The log consisted of overlapping layers of browns dry brushed from dark to light.

The colors used were Burnt Umber, Coffee Bean, Territorial Beige and a final highlight of Mushroom

And here it is in action! Orcs bearing the Yellow Hand of Sourdough are using the ram to its fullest potential, taking down the gate of the Leaping Wolf Inn.