Monday, May 27, 2013

Tis the Season for Exterior Paintworks at Hendersonworks - Doors, railings, garages, porches and more.

We've been busily adding to our repertoire of doors, porches and railings. Everything will need painted at some point and here's a few examples. This arched front door was a wonderful architectural masterpiece and a joy to help restore.

Here it is in its starting phase, scraped and repairs in the works.

The front of this house receives full sun all afternoon long so the door has taken a beating over the years.

Use wood filler to fix the deep cracks and apply in multiple coats to aide in drying. Thick coats will tend to crack.

The cast iron accents add a great deal of character to the door.

Door handle and the accents were all painted with Rustoleum Enamel which is specially formulated for durability and will resist rusting.

This garage door was great but the trim needed repairs, caulking and fresh paint. The house numbers needed completed too!

And everybody needs railings and of course, matching lampposts painted. lots of scraping, wire-brushing and sanding are typically needed.

No job is to big or small!


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

More painting and repairs done! Let's accent that wall

Recently we added a few more projects to our painting and repair cap. First was a stairway, hallway and waiting area with an accent wall. Here you see the darker wall with the sweet paintings. THe brown color was used to bring out the warm tones in the paintings.

Just down the few stairs is another area. Patching was done in the upper area and the area below this one.

The stairs go down into the main lobby and then some...

All those walls. Lots of small patching was required including seems which were pulling apart.

Last in this installment was another office lobby with a very large hole in the ceiling. We needed a 4 foot square and another 18 inch square by the light to fill everything in. A word to the wise, if you have water damage on your ceiling, don't leave it go for to long. The drywall had sagged drastically and that's why such a large piece needed replaced. Also, take before pictures so everybody can really see what you did!

A parting shot here is a plug for our contributions to the Battleground Hobbies Blog. Now you can see how we paint little things too.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Plaster Repair on Old Walls, Matching and Refinishing

To start out, I'll show you what we finished with. This is the dining room in a beautiful place just outside of Pittsburgh. The plaster pattern on the walls is really quite nice and over the years has been smoothed by layers of paint. The problem was areas where the plaster needed repaired.

Like this spot...

and this one.

Using a good joint compound and a small paint scraper as my palette knife, I matched the existing pattern as close as possible. For a Mediterranean look this would work great, but our walls were much smoother.

Once thoroughly dried, I used a very sightly dampened sponge to smooth out the roughness in the joint compound. This brought everything to the same level and smoothness of texture.

Other problem areas were behind and around the doorbell in the entry.

The texture worked out very well in these ares. I also have to say what a wonderful time I had in matching the swirls in the plaster. As an artist, it was a great deal of fun for me.

I'll leave you with a few parting shots of the entry with it's curved corners and doorways,

the other side of the dining room and the master bedroom.