Monday, May 27, 2013

Tis the Season for Exterior Paintworks at Hendersonworks - Doors, railings, garages, porches and more.

We've been busily adding to our repertoire of doors, porches and railings. Everything will need painted at some point and here's a few examples. This arched front door was a wonderful architectural masterpiece and a joy to help restore.

Here it is in its starting phase, scraped and repairs in the works.

The front of this house receives full sun all afternoon long so the door has taken a beating over the years.

Use wood filler to fix the deep cracks and apply in multiple coats to aide in drying. Thick coats will tend to crack.

The cast iron accents add a great deal of character to the door.

Door handle and the accents were all painted with Rustoleum Enamel which is specially formulated for durability and will resist rusting.

This garage door was great but the trim needed repairs, caulking and fresh paint. The house numbers needed completed too!

And everybody needs railings and of course, matching lampposts painted. lots of scraping, wire-brushing and sanding are typically needed.

No job is to big or small!


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