Sunday, May 5, 2013

Plaster Repair on Old Walls, Matching and Refinishing

To start out, I'll show you what we finished with. This is the dining room in a beautiful place just outside of Pittsburgh. The plaster pattern on the walls is really quite nice and over the years has been smoothed by layers of paint. The problem was areas where the plaster needed repaired.

Like this spot...

and this one.

Using a good joint compound and a small paint scraper as my palette knife, I matched the existing pattern as close as possible. For a Mediterranean look this would work great, but our walls were much smoother.

Once thoroughly dried, I used a very sightly dampened sponge to smooth out the roughness in the joint compound. This brought everything to the same level and smoothness of texture.

Other problem areas were behind and around the doorbell in the entry.

The texture worked out very well in these ares. I also have to say what a wonderful time I had in matching the swirls in the plaster. As an artist, it was a great deal of fun for me.

I'll leave you with a few parting shots of the entry with it's curved corners and doorways,

the other side of the dining room and the master bedroom.


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