Sunday, May 22, 2011

Brain Buckets for Benefit

A recent benefit auction was brightened by two motorcycle helmets that were striped by none other than Hollywood Henderson. The unique variation of Von Dutch striping done by Hollywood is always a thrill to see and these are no exception. The winning bid will proudly wear them...

I think they may want their bike striped to match!

Drop us an email and we'll see what we can arrange for you!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Warhammer Goblin Wolf Riders - Bases

Warhammer figures look great when painted but never look quite finished until the base is done. A simple way to “finish” your miniature would be to simply paint the base. It works but there are other things you can do to give it that special touch. 

A Quick way to texture your base is to glue fine sand onto the base before you prime the figure. After its primed you can dry brush over it quickly for a decent look.

My favorite and also one of the easiest is to add flock to the base. 

I picked up some Blended Turf from Woodland Scenics and also Fine Buff Ballast 
I mixed some of each in a small container to get the feel I was looking for. It added a bit of extra texture, more than just grass. And now lets add a freshly painted wolf rider!

Paint the edges of your base a similar color. I find this better than added flock to the edges, it doesn’t wear off as you handle the miniatures. You can paint the entire base if you desire, experiment with a couple different ways to find what you like.

Using white craft glue or Elmers school glue, spread it over your base. Make sure you avoid getting glue on the feet unless you want grassy wolf paws or figure shoes.

Place the miniatures base into your mixture, making sure to cover it completely.

 Shake it off to remove all the loose flock and let it dry

It may be overstating the simple, but do all the models in a unit at the same time so they are cohesive. 

Other great basing items you can use are static grasses, clump foliage and small rocks (aquarium gravel works great)

You can go wild adding stones or model bits like an old helmet you have lying around. Themes like graveyards, desert wastes or say a sword in the stone work great too! 

Use your imagination and see what you can come up with!