Sunday, July 14, 2013

Choosing the Right Color for Your Painting Project

Here's another project completed at Hendersonworks where we'll talk about choosing a color that's right for you! We've been so busy doing the work we haven't had time to post any others. Hopefully we'll get some images from the last several jobs and get them up here soon.

In the meantime, let's visit an older neighborhood in the Pittsburgh area. Here we have a great older home with blue accents on the sills, porch and doors. When viewed in the wonderful summer foliage, the blue doesn't quite fit. What does? There's a plethora of colors to choose from in the flower beds in front of the house: reds, purples, yellows. What would the right color be? In discussing with the swell homeowners, the predominant color is in the foliage, so green was the pick. The homeowners suggested a sage. This would bring the house together with its surroundings.

Ultimately, you need to like the color. It's your house and you'll need to live with it on a daily basis so find something you like. We presented a couple specific colors and recommended where they could choose more from the PPG Manor Hall paint line.

Once the color was settled on, work began on one of the few dry days available. Chipping, scraping and sanding away loose paint buildup is essential to a nice finished project.

The garage door was not in the best shape and needed some extra attention.

Another phase of this project was the porch ceiling. The tongue and groove boards were in good shape so sanding down the old finish was all we needed to do for preparation.

Use spar-urethane on outdoor areas, it will hold up better in the changing weather conditions.

Patience is a good ally to have on these kinds of restoration jobs.

I think that came out very well and more importantly, so did the homeowner!

One more section to go.

Now onto color. Here is the first area of green going on the front of the porch.

Well you get the idea, so we'll move right to the finished project. See how the green works to actually bring the house together with the flower beds, garden and foliage.

The small outer porch seen here upon completion.

And the main porch ceiling in it's refinished glory.

Here you can really see how the color blends with the surrounding foliage.

And the garage door even looks great now!!

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