Monday, March 4, 2013

Whole House Remodeling and Finish Work?

I recently had a call for some assistance in a house remodeling project. Another contractor had started the job and abandoned the project so Joe Burke at Cornerstone J.I.L. gave ma a call to help get it finished.

The kitchen floor and cabinets were in but most of the facings, appliances, and touch up needed completed. The granite counter tops were installed by another contractor.

Every room needed cleaned out of old debris, a claw foot tub and an old concrete laundry sink to name a few

We did plenty of patching and finishing in all rooms of this 3 story 5 bedroom house in Baldwin.

We installed all the bathroom fixtures, handrails, bi-fold closet doors, a dryer exhaust vent on the main floor and Joe finished all the plumbing and hookups.

We also emptied the basement, painted the rafters and ceiling, installed a new laundry tub and faucet, replaced the old doorway going under the porch, installed a couple bi-fold doors, finished walls, trim and painted the floor.

The living room, dining room and entry had new flooring installed by Scooter and then we did all the trim work and installed 3/4 round to finish it off.

We also repaired, sanded and painted the floor vents black to go with the dark flooring.

Then there was all the last minute touch ups from the previous contractors banging the painted walls on the way out.

So there you have it, another happy customer and job well done. Drop us a comment on what you like and give us a shout if need any help with unfinished remodeling


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