Monday, February 25, 2013

Kitchen in Need of Remodeling? Part Two

 Here goes part two of our kitchen remodeling project. You can check out part one here. We did the walls and ceiling, now onto floor and cabinets.

First step, removing the old ones so we can get in with the new.
We found all kinds of great memorabilia behind these old metal cabinets.
Next step was to even things out, patch any hole in the walls and seal everything with a nice primer/stain-blocker..
 The stove is now in its new position. Moving gas lines can be tricky without the right equipment. Home Depot will cut and thread pipe for you but I'd recommend getting someone to do it for you. Unless you have the right tools.
 Here goes the first two of the several upper cabinets.
 Once the upper cabinets were up on the other side of the kitchen we went to work on adding the support and vent for the above the range microwave.
 Here it is, and everything fit just right!
 I couldn't pass up a chance to share this awesome piece of the old flooring! It would make an extremely nice art display in some museum.
 Onto the new floor! We used a Congoleum vinyl flooring which is very resilient and looks phenomenal when in place. This was a roll and has a 25 year warranty to boot!

I'm carefully cutting the little angles on all the doorway trim
 Most of the flooring floats. The recommended install was for six inches of glue around the edges. The roll comes in 12' lengths and they have wood grain textures available too.

This is definitely a measure twice or thrice, and cut once deal. You don't want to have to buy another roll because the piece is an inch short.
 And here's the hole for the refrigerator to fit into.

Another cabinet is above and a tall pantry to the right. Lots of space!
 Here you can see the dishwasher is installed and the counter s in place. The double bowl sink had a disposal installed too.
Just a couple cabinet doors now and we'll call it done.

Hope you like this one as much as us! If you have any questions or ant to leave a comment we'd welcome the feedback!


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