Monday, January 10, 2011

Warhammer Generals

Generals are important figures in any army and very much so in Warhammer. Leading troops into battle and keeping them in the thick of things is important. Without the leadership score of, say a Black Orc Warboss to keep them in line, goblins will do all manner of bickering and tend towards animosity.
 In 2000 Game Workshop produced a Black Orc Boss for Games Day. He's an impressive figure to head up an Orc and Goblin Army. I managed to get one from a friend who attended way back when.

Once I had him painted I was able to try out a camera set up that would rotate the figure and take individual shots that could be put together as a flash video or animated GIF. 
Well here's the GIF.

I thought he turned out well.

Another fine Games Workshop figure was Borgio the Besieger produced for the now unofficial Dogs of War army. I created an animated GIF of Borgio as well.

He has a huge mace made from a cannonball that struck him but do to his special "Difficult to Slay" rule and his Armor of Brazen Bronze, it did not. So he made a weapon out of it, the Mace of Might that also gives him a special attack. The helmet he wears is called the "Monstrous Helm" and causes fear in his enemies. He is also an inspiring leader and his leadership extends beyond the normal 12" range on the game table to 18". This is valuable when making those inevitable break tests.

Here's a few more images of Borgio.

you can see more of Borgio in our Warhammer Gallery at HendersonWorks.

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  1. Ah, if only I could get painting tips, I run 40k and my models are barely up to par.