Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Everything New is Old Again!

Alright ladies and gentlemen take a look and take a guess. When was the lettering placed on this truck? 1972? 1967? 1962? If you know vehicles, the door handle may give a hint.

Well it's not 1962 so scratch that one. And you can scratch 1972 too.

So I believe you can guess now at the date.

OK, how about January 2011. A recent creation from the illustrious Hollywood Henderson. He has been perfecting the distressed look for quite a few years now and is fooling even the most die hard auto enthusiasts. His work with the brush is as you can tell unparalleled. We hope to feature a gallery soon on the HendersonWorks site for your viewing pleasure.

Here's another one that will fool you. Well maybe not, we already told you they were newly painted.

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