Monday, November 25, 2013

Dining Room Patch and Paint Project

Another project completed, this time a dining room  in need of some patch work and a refreshing coat of paint.

We had water damage on the ceiling and walls and old wall sconces which no longer worked. The one on the right wall was already removed. The old crystal chandelier needed updated and replaced too.

Here you can see more of the mess on the ceiling..

Under the windows was another fiasco.

We placed plastic sheeting over the archway to the living room to cut down on the dust and covered the woodwork with tarps and plastic too. Then we commenced plaster patching, sanding, patching, sanding, etc. After some serious patching and plaster work we have our new ceiling.

And under our windows took an additional amount of work. A four inch trowel was to small and the six inch was to large! Trying to get that last inch to blend in such a tight area was challenging.

The wall sconces were refurbished (another project to show you some other time).

The paint was PPG Manor Hall. We selected a slightly off white flat finish for the ceiling. The walls were a satin finish and the color was a tint of the purple used in the kitchen.


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