Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Floral Logo Design for Local Ministry Center

Women of Excellence Floral Logo Design
A locally based ministry we support was in need of a logo design for a new program. The Abundant Life Ministry Center has programs with a worldwide reach. From counseling women in difficult situations to rescuing girls in the slums of India.

When they needed a logo to help promote their new weekly event called "Women of Excellence". We stepped up to the plate and gave it a swing. Here you see the finished log, but how did we get there? Let's take a look....

Women of Excellence Floral Logo Design ideas

The first round of ideas was presented in three different directions.
The first a light contemporary,
the second classical and elegant and
the third was a more natural approach.

Women of Excellence Floral Logo Design more ideas
After some conversations, we proceeded to round two. The contemporary was liked but not the font and they wanted some color. So we switched to Vivaldi for the font and swapped the black and white image for a color one.
The classical version wasn't out yet but they didn't want it to look so "Old Fashioned". We went with two variations of color with corresponding floral elements. A simpler version of each was shown for use on letterhead or other limited color printing.

Women of Excellence Floral Logo Design
The contemporary won out! We were now very close to finished. All that remained was to lighten the floral element slightly. Here is the floral layer lightened and shown on a dark background to see the element breaking the boundry

Women of Excellence Floral Logo Design
We had to edit the font to change the capital "E". We removed the swirl that continued into the middle of the letter. An outer glow was added for logo readability when over the floral element.

Women of Excellence Floral Logo Design
Combing the layers together, we had the final floral logo with type. All the work was done with Adobe Photoshop.

A fun successful project! You can visit the Abundant Life Ministry Center site for any information on their ministries.


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