Monday, July 9, 2012

Oakdale Hotrod Company by Hollywood Henderson

Here's the latest creation from Hollywood Henderson! The Truck is a 1949 Chevy with "air-ride" suspension owned by the "Cobra" who hails from downtown Oakdale PA.

Hollywood sprayed the truck in a fresh coat of "Vintage Vertebrae" white paying tribute to what appears to be a vertebrae of some sort, unsure if human and not sure if noteworthy, that came hanging from the rear view mirror of the truck when it arrived in Oakdale after being shipped from deep in the Louisiana bayou.

The door Logos were inspired by the 100 year old steamer trunk logo that can be seen in the bed of the truck. We're unsure of what O.H.Co. originally meant but it seemed fitting to assume "Oakdale Hot Rod Company.

The logos are a mixture of spray and brush work. They were added after the base was sufficiently aged.

Hopefully the door logos will inspire others with an upcoming project 100 years from now!


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