Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Christmas Miracle!

We learned of this beautiful Christmas Miracle and wanted to share it with everyone!

There was a gingerbread man, well actually just a gingerbread head. You see, there wasn't enough dough to finish him. This made him very sad.
He lay there on the cookie plate thinking no one would want him, being just a head and all. Then out the window he saw a Christmas Star! Well he wished upon that Christmas star to be a real gingerbread man.

Suddenly "POP" he had a body!! This was amazing thought the gingerbread head! He kept wishing and..

"POP" he had an arm!! What an astounding event!! So he kept wishing...

"POP" he had another arm!! Wow, it was amazing, he kept wishing...

"POP" again and he had a leg!! Could this really be happening? Could he hope beyond all hope!! He wished harder and harder...

 "POP" he had another leg!! What a Christmas miracle!! He was ecstatic!!

What a glorious event, he wished he could share it with everyone and then suddenly...

he began shaking and ..

"POP!!" he exploded!!!

Yes friends I'm sorry to say, it was over for the gingerbread man.

And the moral of our story...

You figured it out right?

Quit while you're a head.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Hi Randy....This is so cute on a blog! Hope you and all the family had a great Christmas, which hopefully lasts the coming year and brings you many blessings.
    Just found this on Gretchen's FB, so wanted to say hi! and let you know I've got a blog too!! though don't do much on it very often.